How To Enjoy An Outdoor Camping Experience – Preparation And The Right Gear Are Key

The world of the 21st century is full of wonder. Today we have access to technology that makes communication and entertainment easier than ever before. The screens that we carry with us provide information on every conceivable subject at the literal press of a button. Our homes are fitted with climate control and our cars are getting smarter by the day. But everything has a price. The modern lifestyle may allow us access to great goods and services – but those come at a price that is measured in more than just dollars and cents. Stress has now become a way of life. We face immense pressures as far as finances and interpersonal relationships are concerned. Levels of heart disease (in part caused by the stress that we must cope with), as well as other stress-related illnesses, have reached epidemic proportions.

For many, this has meant that escape from the stress of big city life is more important than ever- and for these people, the soothing experience of Mother Nature at her finest is the perfect antidote for stress – and the opportunity to rekindle the relationships with those near and dear. For many camping offers the perfect retreat and a chance to recharge tired mental batteries – and enjoy the simpler things in life.

The question is – how do you get the most out of your outdoor camping trip?

The first step towards that camping trip that everyone in the group will enjoy is to ensure that all are comfortable when it comes time to retire for the night. To make this experience as fulfilling as possible, there are two vital pieces of gear. the first is the correct sleeping bag for the conditions and the second is a tent that will allow for everyone to all shelter from the elements – and also enough room to enjoy the time undercover.

As far as sleeping bags are concerned to make sure that you are purchasing a sleeping bag that is rated for the temperature conditions that you will encounter. Remember that there can be a temperature differential of up to 20 degrees between night and day. And make sure that the sleeping bag fits – kids sleeping bags are essential for the younger members of the party.

The tent. Many camping trips can end up being a miserable experience without a proper tent. Along with the sleeping bag, it is one of those pieces of gear where it is worth spending that extra money. A great rule of thumb is to select a tent rated for two people above the actual size of the party. This will ensure a comfy sleeping experience. the material from which the tent is constructed is also important. Both canvas and cotton are classics for a reason. They keep people warm at night and cool during the day – but make sure that they are ‘weathered’ before you hit the great outdoors. This involves setting the tent up and allowing the elements to assist in getting those fibers to swell so that the tent is properly waterproof (PVC coating eliminates this requirement). Man-made material such as polyester and nylon are tremendously durable and can also provide excellent value for money.

Then other essential pieces of gear will increase your enjoyment of an outdoor camping experience and make it safer.

Get a great water filter, especially if you are going to be camping outside of a camping ground where potable water is readily available. Water purification tablets and an assortment of containers for water are also important.

A first aid kit is essential. it’s a fact of life that the outdoors can be an unforgiving place. Even something as simple as a sunburn or an insect bit (especially when it involves kids) can ruin the camping experience for everyone. Cuts and scrapes also require immediate attention as infection can set in very quickly.

Keep a multitool handy – you never know when you are going to need that functionality. make sure that you have the correct clothing and plan for abrupt changes in weather. A rain jacket is essential. Flashlights are also a very important part of your camping gear – safety first – a trip to the latrine can turn into a nightmare in the dark without proper illumination.

Planning and the right equipment will ensure that your outdoor camping trip provides that opportunity to relax and unwind. Happy trails and may Mother Nature smile on you while you are enjoying her charms.

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