Get Back To Nature With An Outdoor Camping Experience

Camping in the outdoors with rv campers is one of the most ideal ways to deal with the stresses of modern life. it removes much of the temptation to engage in work-related activities and can even (with a little bit of discipline) remove the temptation to interface with the communication devices that we today take so much for granted – and which contribute to higher levels of stress. Sadly we live and work in an ‘always on’ society – and this makes escaping from stress extremely difficult. The latest research has shown that the modern lifestyle means that professionals in an office environment are working longer hours (and have less leisure time) than peasants during the Middle Ages. The advent of electric light means that we can now work long into the night – and that means that it can become very difficult to escape our professional obligations.

Camping outdoors is a way of reconnecting not only with the natural world and its wonders – but also reengaging with those we love – friends and family. Without the almost inevitable distractions of constant communication and availability – and access to electronic devices most people find that stress tends to be reduced.

However, without proper planning and the right gear, a camping trip can also contribute to our stress. With only limited amounts of leisure time its essential that our camping adventure delivers a stress-free experience, so how do we make sure that this is the case? Here are some great hints and tips to make camping a pleasure.

Firstly – do a budget. There’s very little point in retreating to the bosom of Mother nature if you are going to spend the entire time worrying about how much the experience is going to cost. Decide on a budget – and stick to it. factor in the major expenses such as transport, camping fees, equipment and food. Once you have done those – then start with the smaller items. Once you have decided on a budget – don’t exceed it.

Once you have dealt with the budget it’s time to find the right camping site. The first step is to decide what sort of experience you want. there are numerous camping sites in National Parks that will offer ablution blocks, barbecue facilities, running water and even electrical hookups. For families with kids, these can be a great choice. For those who want to get away from the crowds there is another choice – camping in forested and other areas away from established campsites in national parks. This takes a little more planning and should be left to those who are experienced in the outdoor camping lifestyle. The best way to approach the selection of the best camping area is to perhaps spend some time at an established campsite – and then get more ambitious. Taking baby steps allows you to test your equipment – and also interface with other campers who might have valuable advice.

Camping with kids brings on a new set of challenges -however, if you do your research and make the right choices it can be one of the most rewarding outdoor experiences possible. Kids revel in the wonder and simplicity of nature. It takes them away from those electronic devices that are now so much a part of their lives. It also teaches them to communicate with human beings face to face – rather than through a screen. A great way to get them excited is to involve them in the decision making process and the preparations. Let them have a say in where you are going, discuss the various activities and make them a part of the shopping experience for essential supplies. If they do not yet have a sleeping bag – let them choose color and patterns. Get them their torch. Maybe even do a dry run in the backyard.

Take a step back when you are considering your outdoor camping trip with family and friends. Take into account that studies show the benefits of the experience. A scientist at the University of Utah was part of a controlled experiment to see how camping and the outdoors affects us in this age of screens and digital devices. his findings were revealing. he found that our senses change when we are outdoors. The brain resets itself. Your senses become more acute. You hear the crickets chirping and the wind in the trees. The sound of a chuckling stream. The smell of pine and the earth.

There can be no doubt that outdoor camping is cathartic. Given this fact – isn’t it time you reconnected with your family, friends and Mother Nature?

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